Wooden kit rhino



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Wooden kit rhino (Dutch site)

What we see here, is a rhino. The rhino has, not entirely coincidentally, a crooked backward growing horn. That we are not dealing with an Indian or Javanese rhino can be traced back to the fact this rhino has a smaller stump just behind the its horn. The Indian or Javanese does not. The rhino is a giant mammal with a weight ranging from 800 kilograms to no less than 2,300 kilograms. This is also why we don't sell real rhinos, but just wooden kits.

This self-assemble toy is a pastime for young and old. Take the next step in crafting and discovering with your 4 to 7-year-old child. The building instructions are included, so all that remains is a challenge for two. 

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The Netherlands: €2,50
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Outside Europe: €16,-