Wooden kit clown fish


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Wooden kit clown fish (Dutch site)

A piece of history (and biology): the clown fish - also called three-band anemone fish or Amphiprion ocellaris - is a tropical freshwater fish that occurs in coral reefs and above sandy soil of 1 to 18 meters deep. Up until 2003, very few kids were familiar with this colorful marine animal, but when Finding Nemo touched the cinemas (and the hearts of many spectators) that year, it was a done deal. It is therefore not surprising that now the product range of Toy Stores has also been enriched with this anemone fish. Did you know that most fish are paralyzed when they come into contact with anemones, but the clown fish does not?

This self-assemble toy is a pastime for young and old. Take the next step in crafting and discovering with your 4 to 7-year-old child. The building instructions are included, so all that remains is a challenge for two. 

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