Locomotive - large


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Locomotive(Dutch site)

Our lively coloured loco puzzle is a favourite of old-young boys and girls.
This hand-made wooden toy develops your child’s spatial ability, logical skills, and creativity. 
Fitting the puzzle together, or simply stacking the pieces on top of each other may give your little one his first real sense of achievement. 
Recommended above 5 years.

  • Lightweight, pointed pieces designed for small hands.
  • Consists of 19 puzzle pieces.
  • Dimensions: 29x13.5 cm
  • Age 3+ years.
  • Safe to use

Shipping costs (more information):
The Netherlands: €3,90
Europe low rate: €9,90
Europe high rate: €11,-
Outside Europe: €16,-

About the Fauna brand

The Fauna brand stands for high-quality, hand-made and beautifully designed toys. These toys are made in Europe from environmentally friendly maple wood, that is won from replantation forests. The cheerful colors and special designs paint a smile on everyone's face. The dyes used are safe and non-toxic. The toys are of high quality, but do not fall in the high(er) price ranges. The brand has a wide range including puzzles, mobiles for over a baby’s bed, push sticks and giant pencils.

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