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In Dutch, we don't write cat with a c, but with a k. Imagine having to explain it to your little one. Lucky for you, cat in English is actually written with a c, so no worries here! The problems with translation find their origin in the country of production: Hungary. Are these really problems though? Enjoy Faunas wonderful toys, in this case with a c, of cat. 

  • Lightweight, pointed pieces designed for small hands
  • Consists of 4 puzzle pieces.
  • Dimensions: 7x8 cm
  • Age 3+ years.
  • Safe to use

About the Fauna brand

The Fauna brand stands for high-quality, hand-made and beautifully designed toys. These toys are made in Europe from environmentally friendly maple wood, that is won from replantation forests. The cheerful colours and special designs paint a smile on everyone's face. The dyes used are safe and non-toxic. The toys are of high quality, but do not fall in the high(er) price ranges. The brand has a wide range including puzzles, mobiles for over a baby’s bed, push sticks and giant pencils.