The Fauna brand stands for high-quality, hand-made and beautifully designed toys. These toys are made in Europe from environmentally friendly maple wood, that is won from replantation forests. The cheerful colors and special designs paint a smile on everyone's face. The dyes used are safe and non-toxic. The toys are of high quality, but do not fall in the high(er) price ranges. The brand has a wide range including puzzles, mobiles for over a baby’s bed, push sticks and giant pencils. 

The spiritual father and driving force behind Fauna's toys is the Hungarian Lukács Tibor (in Hungary the surname comes first, so Tibor is his first name). When Tibor and his wife had children, the search for high-quality wooden toys began. His search was unsuccessful, so he decided to design and manufacture wooden toys himself. In 1991, this resulted in the sale of his first puzzle. Today, more than 500 different types of puzzles are sold worldwide.

Each puzzle is made entirely by hand and is therefore unique. They are made in a small factory in Transylvania (now part of Romania). This offers employment to no fewer than 30 people. Tibor believes that maintaining employment is more important than efficiency, which is why he refuses to give in to automation.