Ocamora CALA Kids' Knife

You will undoubtedly recognize the situation: your child wants a banana, but is not yet able to prepare it him- or herself, so you use a sharp knife with your little one nearby. Not ideal. Experience the convenience of the CALA Children's Knife now. Ocamora’s CALA is a wooden utensil that is designed to cut food. With relative simplicity your child learns to "prepare" fruit, vegetables, bread and other foods. The cutlery is not too sharp for the skin, perfect for soft food and therefore perfect for beginners in the culinary world. Like every other product, Ocamora’s CALA complies with the rules and guidelines of European food safety. For example, the wood has been treated with oil that allows it to be used for cutting foods. Thanks to traditional production - production by hand and the greatest possible care - every product is unique.