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Ocamora is a small toy factory in Cordoba, a little town in the southern of Spain.

Laura and Grego started their brand two years ago. They design and make everything themselves. Laura has immersed herself in the Waldorf and Montessori teaching methods: children have to develop their skills in their own way and in their own pace. Grego is a great wood worker. Together with a handful of employees, they saw, sand, press, rotate and dye their products.

The way Laura and Grego develop their toys, the love with which they make it, the way in which they take care of their customers, and the consideration of the situation in which their products end up being used is extremely important to them.

Ocamora toys stimulate the imagination. It is beneficial to the development of fine motor skills. In a natural way, the smallest and larger children discover the game of wooden toys. It is good to combine with other toys and, as a bonus, it looks good on the windowsill as well!

Toys from Ocamora are safe for children. They are treated with varnishes, oils, ecological dyes and water. The toys are 100% chemical and toxic free and safe to put in the mouth according to directive 2009/48 / EC, 71/3.

Products of Ocamora are made from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certification, and contain traces of the wonderful smell of processed wood.


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