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“We believe there is definitely enough plastic in this world and there is no need to add more.” The Spanish brand of Lubulona is one to fall in love with. Although not specifically mentioned on their website, the Waldorff- and Montessorimethods play important roles here as well. In fact, Tina and Jordi take it one step further and believe that stereotypical toys – so construction for boys and dolls for girls – should not exist. “At Lubulona we prefer to give children a choice”, they say. With which we at Toy-Stores totally agree.

As mentioned, the Lubulona brand found its origin in Spain. In Barcelona in November of 2017, to be exact. Tina and Jordi are parents to two boys. She is the creative engine of the couple, he is responsible for communication with stakeholders and transportation of the toys. She picks up a paint brush every now and then, turning wooden objects into colourful pieces of art, whereas he sands, varnishes and paints. Together, they thought of ‘Lubu Town’, where they inspire kids to be their own architects and construct buildings and towns intuitively. Lubulona toys are designed in Barcelona and manufactured all over Europe. It’s no wonder we at Toy-Stores decided to add this awesome brand to our collection.

The stone we definitely cannot leave unturned is the one of safety. Lubulona toys comply with the European standards for safety and are CE marked. Paints and glues used are certified according to the EN 71 regulation, meaning they are safe to be used by all kids alike. Toys are made of high quality beech wood, while packaging is done with environmentally friendly cardboard boxes and fabric bags.

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